Establishment of a Branch Office in Sri Lanka

Branch Office 分公司 1. Registration as an Overseas Company at the Registrar of Companies (ROC) 在公司注册处注册海外公司
1. Obtain name approval – name should be identical to the name of the Principal Company. 名字获得批准 —— 名字应与总公司名字一致
2. Once the name approval is obtained the following forms/information should be submitted to ROC: 名字获得批准后,应提交以下表格/信息给公司注册处
(i). A certified copy of the Royal charter, statute or Articles constituting or defining the constitution of the Principal Company. 总公司的总章程,章程或构成或定义条款的认证副本
(ii). A certified true copy, certified of recent date, of the Certificate of Incorporation (or any other similar document) in proof of the establishment of the principal office. 总公司成立的证明文件(或任何类似的其他文件)的认证副本(最新认证日期)
The above documents shall be deemed to be certified if they are duly certified as true copies – 上述文件经正式认证为真实副本后,方可视为已核证
  1. a) by a Government Official/Institution to whose custody the original is committed; or 由政府官员/机构保管的原件

  2. b) by a Notary Public; 公证人

and the signature or seal of such official, Notary Public or person authenticated by an official of the Sri Lankan High Commission. 由斯里兰卡高级委员会官员证实的官员,公证人或官员的签名或盖章
3. A list of the Directors of the Company including the following details; (Form 45 in terms of the Companies Act): 公司董事名单,包括以下细节(表45,公司条款)
  1. a) present full name 现用名

  2. b) former names, (if any) 曾用名(如果有)

  3. c) present nationality 当前国籍

  4. d) former nationality, (if any)原国籍 (如果有)

  5. e) present residential address当前居住地址

  6. f) Directorship in other Companies and other business or occupation 其他公司和其他业务或职业的董事

4. The full names and residential addresses of one or more persons resident in Sri Lanka authorised to accept on behalf of the Company service of documents and of any notices required to be served on the Company. (Form 46) 被授权代表接收对公司的任何通知和服务文件的一名或多名居住在斯里兰卡的人的全名和居住地址。(表46)
A statement containing the full address of the: (Form 44) 一份包含详细地址的声明(表44)
  1. a) registered or principal office of the Company and;公司总部或注册

  2. b) principal place of business of the Company within Sri Lanka. 公司在斯里兰卡的主要营业地点

6. A valid Power of Attorney authenticated under the seal of the Company authorising the person or persons resident in Sri Lanka to act on behalf of the Company. 盖公司印章认证的有效授权书,授权在斯里兰卡的个人或居民代表公司行事
7. A detailed account/statement of the principal office, its activities and its intended operation/projects to be carried out in Sri Lanka. 总部的详细描述/声明,预期在斯里兰卡进行的活动/项目
1. Investment criteria: 投资标准
Generally the investment required for a branch office is a minimum of USD 200,000 or equivalent amount in other designated foreign currencies out of remittances received from abroad and channelled through a special rupee account designated as “Securities Investment Account” (SIA) opened in any commercial bank in Sri Lanka in accordance with the directions given by the Controller of Exchange in that regard to Commercial banks. However, for branches engaged in ‘Retail Trade’ the minimum investment required is USD 2 million. 一般分公司所需的投资至少为20万美元或其他指定外币汇款的等值金额经由斯里兰卡外汇管理部门指示在任何一家商业银行开立的特殊卢比账户如“证券投资账户”(SIA)。但是,对于零售贸易的分行最低投资额为200万美元。
Approx 5-6 days 批准时间5-6天
Approx 4-6 weeks provided all documentation is in order 批准时间 4-6周,提交所有文件