Redress Finally for Owners of Condominium Units Developed by State Authorities


Redress Finally for Owners of Condominium Units Developed by State Authorities

The long overdue Apartment Ownership [Special Provisions] Bill was presented to Parliament on the 20th of June 2018 to facilitate the required registration with the relevant authorities of the Condominium Plan and Declaration of Condominium properties owned and developed by the State of State Authorities prior to 31st December 2009, notwithstanding any deficiency in documentation. The registration would thus, then enable such Authorities to transfer legal title to the purchasers/grantees of such condominium units. Currently many condominium developments by the National Housing Development Authority, Urban Development Authority and Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation are not duly registered resulting in many condominium owners not having a title Deed.

In terms of the Bill, the properties will be registered notwithstanding the non- availability of the building plans approved by the Local Authority and the non- availability of the Certificate of Conformity issued by the Local Authority.

The Special Provisions will be in operation for a period of five years.

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