Waivers on Demurrage Dues and Terminal Rent

Waivers on Demurrage Dues and Terminal Rent

As a COVID-19 relief measure, the Minister of Ports and Shipping has directed all Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents and NVOCC Operators to grant a demurrage waiver on all import containers up to 9th April 2020 in relation to cargo discharged at the Port of Colombo during this lock down period.

Additionally, the said Ministry has also issued guidelines to all terminal operators at the Port of Colombo in relation to rent free concessions for FCL, LCL, MCC and MCC transshipment containers. The salient concessions are as follows:

  1. All imported FCL, LCL, MCC and MCC transshipment containers from 16th March to 9th April 2020 to be free from terminal rent;
  2. All general cargo discharged during the aforesaid period that were cleared before 16th April 2020 and DG cargo cleared before 15th April 2020 should be free of terminal rent;
  3. All containers cleared after 16th April 2020 will be charged rent from 14th April 2020;
  4. Any consignee who has already paid rent between 16th March to 13th April 2020 will be reimbursed;
  5. For containers discharged before 16th March 2020 normal tariffs would apply. However, no rent would be charged for period between 17th March to 13th April 2020.

As a further relief to consignees, the Minister has now further directed that only occupational charges be charged for all imported local TEUs’. Penal charges to be fully waived. Accordingly:

  1. From 16th March to 13th April 2020- Both basic and penal occupational charges are to waived off;
  2. From 14th April to 7th May 2020- Only basic occupational charges to apply. Penal occupational charges are to be waived.