Disembarkation of persons from Cruise Ship at Sri Lankan ports

No Cruise Ships at Sri Lankan Ports

On 22nd March 2020 the Government of Sri Lanka suspended all inbound passenger ships and flights into Sri Lanka as a COVID-19 measure. This is in the backdrop of the earlier Circular issued by the Director General of Health Services on 2nd March 2020 banning the disembarkation of persons from cruise ships at any Sri Lankan Port until further notice. The Director General of Health Services is a “Proper Authority” under the Quarantine and Dangerous Disease Ordinance No.3 of 1897 to issue such Directions as a measure to prevent the introduction and spreading of a disease in Sri Lanka. The COVID-19 virus was subsequently declared a quarantineable deceased by the Minister of Health by Gazette Extraordinary No.2167/18 dated 20th March 2020 issued under the said Ordinance.

This direction remains strictly in force, with exemptions made only in cases of serious medical grounds. Even in such instances, steps are implemented for the collection of the sick crew member or passenger from OPL by the Sri Lanka Navy with strict adherence to WHO prescribed safety precautions.