CBSL further clarifies FAQs on concessions offered by financial institutions to business and individuals affected by Covid - 19

斯里兰卡中央银行进一步澄清有关金融机构向受COVID-19影响的企业和个人提供的优惠的常见问 题解答


The Bank Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) amending the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) No. 2 of 2020 on 19th June 2020, provided further clarifications on Circular Nos. 4, 5 and 6 issued to Licensed Commercial Banks, Licensed Specialized Banks (LSBs), Licensed Finance Companies and Specialized Leasing Companies (Financial institutions) on concessions offered to businesses and individuals affected by Covid -19.
斯里兰卡中央银行银行监管部(CBSL)于2020年6月19日对2020年第2号常见问题进行了修订, 对发给持牌商业银行、持牌专业银行、持牌金融公司和专业租赁公司(金融机构)的第4、5和6 号通函做了进一步的澄清,向受Covid-19影响的企业和个人提供优惠

In terms of the amendments, a borrower eligible for concessions under the mentioned circulars, is exempt from both Capital and Interest repayment of the loan during the concession/ moratorium period (Concession Period) with the agreed terms of payment of loan kicking in thereafter.
根据修正案,符合上述通函有资格获得减让的借款人在减让/暂缓还款期(以下简称“优惠期”)内 免除贷款的本金和利息偿还,协定的还款条件则于其后开始生效.

Subject to condition explained below CBSL has permitted an additional interest of 7% on Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) to be charged by Licensed Banks on deferred Term Loans. The claim for interest, may however be invoked only at the end of the extended remaining tenure of the loan and not immediately upon the end of the Concession/ moratorium Period. The concessionary interest rates for differed installments in respect of other types of facilities (Non- EMI Loans) either in rupee or foreign currency would be as agreed between the bank and the borrower.
在符合以下条件的情况下,CBSL允许持牌银行就递延定期贷款收取等额月供(EMI)的7%的额外利 息。 但是,仅在延长的剩余使用期限结束时才可提出利息索赔,而在特许/暂停期结束时不得立 即提出。 对于其他类型的以卢比或外币计价的设施(非EMI贷款),分期付款的优惠利率将由银 行与借款人协商确定。

Permanent overdraft facilities (PODs) falling due for settlement or maturing up to 30th November 2020 may be settled by the end of the applicable Concession Period. The expiry periods for Temporary overdraft facilities (TODs) as at 25th March 2020 have been extended by two months for eligible borrowers with the interest rates for TODs during such extended period capped at 13% per annum. Overdraft facility holders will not be required to service the interest during the Concession Period but may opt to do so at their discretion.
于2020年11月30日或之前到期的永久透支额度(POD)可以在适用的优惠期结束之前结算。 对于 符合条件的借款人,截至2020年3月25日的临时透支额度(TOD)的有效期已延长两个月,在此 期间,TOD的年利率上限为13%。透支额度持有人在特许期内将无须偿还利息,但可以自行决定 选择偿还利息。