Proposed Employment Act

Proposed Employment Act

The Ministry of Foreign Employment and Labor in its attempt to compose a new unified labour law system in Sri Lanka has introduced a draft Employment Act.

Following are some of the salient features of the proposed Employment Act, in Sri Lanka

  1. Prevention of discrimination in employment or in the workplace
  2. Prevention of all forms of harassment and sexual violence in the workplace
  3. Removal of existing restrictions on payment of gratuity (i.e., continued service of 5 years and the number of employees)
  4. Introduction of 1 ½ payment method for male workers who work in the factory and business undertaking at night
  5. Removal of disparities between the provisions of the Wages Boards Ordinance and Shop and Office Employees Act regarding working terms and conditions and to create similar arrangements for all employees
  6. 05-day week and flexible working hours according to the needs of the employees
  7. Paternity leave
  8. Rights and duties of employees who work from home
  9. Regularization of Man Power Supply institutes and Employment Agencies
  10. Introduction of legal provisions relating to part-time employment
  11. Inclusion of Domestic work under the purview of Labor law.

The provisions relating to prevention of discrimination, harassment, Paternity leave, remote working are novel concepts currently not provided for in law.