New Regulations under the Construction Industry Development Authority Act

In an effort to streamline and regulate the rapidly growing construction industry in Sri Lanka, the Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) recently issued three Gazette Notifications, requiring contractors to register with the Authority.

The CIDA will maintain a Register of Contractors, which will include the following information on each Contractor registered with the CIDA:

  1. Name of Contractor and the address of the Registered Office;

  2. Contact details of the Contractor;

  3. Name of the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer;

  4. Grade and Speciality of Registration;

  5. Registration Number assigned to such Contractor;

  6. Date of Registration and period of validity of such Registration.

Process and requirements to register with CIDA

  • Contractors are required to submit an application with the information required by the CIDA and such Contractors should also be registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), under the Companies Act of 2007, or with the Divisional Secretaries under the Business Names Ordinance provisional business names statutes

  • Contractors seeking registration with the CIDA should have a minimum of 51% Sri Lankan ownership.

  • Contractors with adverse records or suspension by the Department of Public Finance or other government institutions, insolvent or bankrupt at the time of application, will not be eligible to apply.