Employment and Employee Benefits in
Sri Lanka : Overview

The “Employment and employee benefit in Sri Lanka 2018” guide covers the below aspects

  1. Scope of Employment Regulations

  2. Employment Status

  3. Recruitment

  4. Background Checks

  5. Permission to Work

  6. Regulation of the Employment Relationship

  7. Restrictions on Mangers and Directors

  8. Holiday Entitlement

  9. Minimum Wage

  10. Restrictions on Working Time

  11. Illness and Injury of Employees

  12. Statutory Rights of Parents and Cares

  13. Continuous Periods of Employment

  14. Fixed time, Part time and Agency Workers

  15. Data Protection

  16. Whistleblowers

  17. Termination of Employment

  18. Redundancy/Layoff

  19. Consequences of a Business Transfer

  20. Employee Representation and Consultation

  21. Employer and Parent Company Liability

  22. Employer Insolvency

  23. Taxation of Employer Income

  24. Health and Safety Obligations

  25. Bonuses

  26. Intellectual Property

  27. Relocation of Employees

  28. Proposals for Reform

  29. Restraint of Trade

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