Company Secretaries

The firm’s secretarial division, through its subsidiary, Corporate Advisory Services (Pvt.) Ltd. provides incorporation, secretarial and ancillary services to corporate clients, currently in excess of 500, in accordance with the provisions of Sri Lanka’s Companies Act. CAS is a virtual one-stop-shop for all services connected with the establishment and operation of a domestic or foreign company in Sri Lanka.

The services offered by Corporate Advisory Services (CAS) are:

1.  Incorporation of Limited Liability Companies and Companies Limited by Guarantee

2.  Advising Companies on foreign investment, Board of Investment regulations and obtaining approval for same and advising on applicable Exchange Control laws and obtaining approval from them, when the necessity arises.

3.  Providing statutory work such maintenance of Share registers, issuance of share certificates, maintenance of Directors and shareholder Minute books etc.

4.  Filing of documents with the Dept. of Registrar of Companies relating to appointment and resignation of directors, appointment and resignation of secretaries, share issues, amendment to articles, name change of companies, filing of accounts relating to Public Companies and Guarantee Companies, change of registered addresses and addresses of Directors

5.  Attending to share transfers/share transmissions/share issues – preparation of Circular resolutions, share issue forms, share transfer forms etc and filing forms with the Registrar, updating share registers and issuance of share certificates

6.  Amendment to Articles of Association – preparation of resolutions, filing forms with the Registrar and providing an amended copy of Articles

7.  Attendance at Board Meetings and General Meetings and preparation of Minutes and circulating the same

8.  Amalgamation of Companies and advising the procedures of same

9.  Share buy back of Companies and advising procedures of the same

10.  Winding up companies through voluntary members winding up and striking off Companies in terms of the Act and advising the procedures of same


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